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     2011年3月15日       ザビエ・ベトコート



    As a result of the present crisis, I want to convey my deepest feelings of sympathy to all my friends in Japan .

    During the last decade l have learn to love and appreciate what l consider the most extraordinary and sophisticated culture of the world. I have got to know Japan from the inside, maybe just a little glimpse if l have to be modest, but l am also aware that very few foreigners have had this privilege.

    Japan has become a source of spiritual nourishment for me; a source of  esthetic experience (art, beauty and food) as well. Some of my best friends are now in Japan. This does not mean l am so vain as to pretend that l know Japan better than others, but l have had a glance at the Japanese soul, and this is a certainty that nobody can take away from me.

    Thus, I am convinced that this crisis will activate the best of the Japanese soul, the resources at the bottom of that Japanese heart l so much admire.

    Routine, everyday life, tend to alienate us from the most essential things of existence. The earthquakes and the nuclear threads are associated to this transits of Pluto (nuclear energy and transformation) in Capricorn (structures and order). Japan is going to experience another transformation from its deepest foundations. This transit conjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn in Japan’s chart; Jupiter means health, wealth and expansion. I have no doubt Japan is going to be reborn again; it will be a safer place to live.

    I am praying for all my Japanese friends; in the distance l am sharing the pain and the anxiety, and l wish l was there. But l know things will go for the best. Please be patient and courageous; although painful, this is great opportunity for rediscovering the essential things of life (love and compassion, joy and pleasure) and treasuring them forever.

Xavier Betancourt